Mysteries of the Nile

Game 1: The Resurrection


Kyle has come to terms that he died and that he had not fully lived in his life. He now feels he needs to learn as much as he can and live life to the fullest. He learned about the 10 deadly plagues and they are as such,

Blood (waters turned to blood) [Exodus 7:19-25]
Frogs [Exodus 7:26-8:11]
Lice/Flies [Exodus 8:12-15]
Gnats [Exodus 8:16-28]
Strange Unknown Illness that Killed the livestock and cattle of the Egyptians [Exodus 9:1-7]
Boils [Exodus 9:8-12]
Hail [Exodus: 22-35]
Grasshoppers/ Locust[Exodus 10:12-20]
Darkness (for three days) [Exodus 10:21-29]
Death of the firstborn [Exodus 12:29-33]

Game 1: The Resurrection

we learned the order of how we should find out information — ask the desert, ask your heart, ask Horus. We did the opposite.

Game 1: The Resurrection

Must watch Rosiaro that she doesn’t get her self killed with narrow vision.

Game 1: The Resurrection

What Patricia learned.

Patricia has learned that all of her fellow mummies are not as concerned with being able to support themselves as she is. Something wierd is also happening. She does not have the insatiable desire to win olympic gold anymore. There was an odd looking to the stars and apparently she feels that she needs to get to know her inner self more.

Game 1: The Resurrection
Phenanthroline Phenanthroline

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