Kyle Rayner

Inheritance: The ancient spirit you have bonded with was a high priestess. She was devoted to her work, inspiring Egypt's poorest citizens to find their passions in life, and to pursue them with vigor.


Kyle spent his life dreaming of adventure and living in video games.

Where did you live? Which country? What kind of neighborhood did you live in?
Canada at his parents house. A nice suburban area with little crime.

Did you speak a language other than English?
No only English

What did you do to make a living? Did you enjoy your work?
He was a computer tech. He is really into computers.

What did you do in your spare time? Did you have any significant hobbies?
Gaming/Computer Coding (Has a love of WoW and first person shooters.

What kind of goals did you have for your life?
He always felt he was destined for greatness but never quite got out of his basement.

What was your major failing? How did your weakness affect your life? Remember that the ancient spirit will fill this hole and this trait will become your strongest asset as a mummy.
Kyle major failing was he was not very good at talking to people.
*What might an all-powerful god see in you? What sort of spark do you have that they might find useful or worth saving? This does not need to be something spectacular, just some noteworthy part of your character or personality that may not have had a chance to blossom in life. It might be a skill or ability, or something more subtle. No one truly knows why Osiris selects his children.

The god would find the Guys ability to solve problems very useful.

How old were you when you died? How did you die? Was it ironic, considering how you lived your life?
The Guy died at the age of 28 due to heart attack while playing WoW.
*How do you feel about religion?

He does not care one way or another about it.

What does your character have faith or belief in?
He has faith in himself and an his close friends but does not really trust others.


Character Sheet

Player name: Kyle Rayner
Player: Gray
Nature: Loner
Demeanor: Thrill-Seeker


Strength: OO
Dexterity: OO
Stamina: OO

Charisma: OOOO (2 points from the God)
Manipulation: OOO
Appearance: OO

Perception: OOO
Intelligence: OOO
Wits: OOO


Alertness: OO (2 points from the God)
Dodge: OO
Intuition: O

Crafts: OO
Firearms: OOOO (1 point from the God)
Technology: OO

Computers: OOO
Enigmas: OOOOO (2 points from the God)
Occult: OO
Research: OOO
Science: OOO


Legacy: OOOO
Memory: O

Effigy: OOO

Simple Inerton (LV1)
Command Lesser Implement (LV 2)
Major Creature (LV 3)
Sekhem Vessel (LV 3)

Other Traits
Noble Bearing: O


Willpower: OOOOO



Weapon of choice: AK-47 + Thermal Scope

Iphone 7
4 walkie-talkies (ear buds)
Ak-47 with incendiary rounds
4 bullets with mummy poison

Kyle looked this this before:

Kyle now looks like the profile pic:

Song/Video for first: life:
Song/Video for second life:
(Joke one) for second Life:

Chat with spirit and Kyle just after death.

(Kyle was in the middle of a WOW raid and in the middle of killing a boss.)

Spirit: (Very peaceful) You have died and…
Kyle: (cutting her off) THE GUILD IS GOING TO BE PISSED AT…… WAIT WHAT?!? (Freaking out even more now) DID YOU SAY DEAD?!?! AS IN DEAD DEAD???
Spirit: (not happy about being cut off) As I was saying… You have died and I must point out that you wasted your life playing games. Congratulations on that..
Kyle: (Looking like his mind has been blown wide open) But… but… I had so much I was going to do! I was going….
Spirit: (Cutting him off) Your life as you know it is over you had the time to do something with it and you sent it playing games but I am here to offer you a chance to change things and prove your worthiness. Think of this as a second life.
Kyle: …………
Spirit: Things must change and your second life is not to be wasted. In order for this to happen we must be joined. The benefits to you will be great you will gain something you have never had Charisma, the ability to talk and charm anyone, you will no longer fear death as it will no longer hold meaning to you and for me I gain your ability to problem solve and will once again gain life in you. You will become a MUMMY!
Kyle: So…… a mummy? as in a mummy mummy? undead mummy?
Spirit: Yes.. but not like you know it. You will be a being of untold power. A being with the potential to change the world!
Kyle: (Lighting up!) So I will be a hero!
Spirit: (looking like she is kind of annoyed at how this is going. This is not how she had planned it)…….Yes a hero….
Kyle: (100% into this idea) AWESOME! This is going be the best adventure ever! (getting excited) SIGN ME UP!!
Spirit: Then it is done! Your destiny awaits. Awake to your new life and remember you are being judged so don’t squander the chance you have been given.

Kyle Awakes

Kyle Rayner

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