Hamish McScree

Inheritance: The ancient spirit you have bonded with was a minor king. He watched his nation flourish in a time of war by launching ambitious offensive strikes against those who would do his people harm.



Strength XXX00
Dexterity XXX00
Stamina XXX00

Charisma XXX00
Manipulation X0000
Appearance XX000

Perception XX000
Intelligence XXXXX
Wits XX000

(2X to intelligence from 1st life)


Athletics XX000
Awareness XX000
Empathy XX000
Leadership XX000

(2X to leadership from 1st life)

Drive XX000
Firearms XXX00
Security XX000
Survival XXX00
Technology XXX00

(2X to Drive from 1st life)

Enigmas X0000
Investigation X0000
Linguistics X0000
Medicine X0000
Occult XX000
Research X0000
Science XXXX0

(1X to Occult from 1st life)
(1X to Science from GM XP)
(1X to Medicine from GM XP)
h1. Advantages

Memory X0000
Companion XX000
Vessel XX0000
Ba XXX00
Influence XX000 (Military)

(2x Influence from 6 GM XP)

Alchemy XXXX0
Celestial 00000
Nomenclature XX000

(1X to nomenclature from GM XP)
lvl 1 Alchemy – Analyze Material
Lvl 2 Alchemy – Cobra Spit
Lvl 3 Alchemy – Complex Elixir
Lvl 3 Alchemy – Tear of Isis
Lvl 1 Celestial – Becalm
Lvl 1 Nomenclature – Forgetting the stone
Lvl 2 Nomenclature – mending the flesh
lvl 3 alchemy – dangerous poison
Lvl 4 alchemy – panacea
OTHER TRAITS (Lvl indicates XP offset)
Natural Leader XXX00
Nightmares X0000 (Flaw)
Throwback XXX00 (Flaw)
Flashbacks XX000 (Flaw)


21 xp spent for lvl 4 (03/06/2012)



5 from session 1
7 from session 2
6 from session 3
5 from session 4
5 XP at beginning of 15/04/2012
11 XP at end of 15/04/2012
18 XP at end of 29/04/2012
15 XP during 27/05/2012
22 XP before 03/06/2012
7 XP at end of 03/06/2012


Hamish was a Scot alive during the leadup and duration of World War Two. He was from a small community in the Scottish Highlands. Due to the isolation of his community he built and operated transistor and HAM radios to connect with people outside of his immediate surroundings.

When Britain became involved in the war, he signed up for the Royal Air Force, his assigning officer was able to dig it out of him that he was experienced with radios and put him to work operating the wireless on long range bombers striking the heart of the German military industrial complex. Hamish loved this work, it was a natural extension of his hobby and he felt a very strong connection to the other wireless operators, knowing that their interactions could be their last. Given the dangerous nature of this work, Hamish was often tasked with taking messages back to loved ones of the crews that never made it back.

In terms of hobbies, Hamish liked to hike and climb mountains, he was always very sure footed and capable of navigating steep and precarious paths. His endurance was very good, he had very good cardio.

Hamish wanted to go back to Scotland and get married after the war. His uncle owned a hardware store and he had been promised a job there. That was good enough for him, there wasn’t a lot of out life that Hamish wanted. As long as he had his radios and the occasional trip out the backcountry, he was content.

Consequently, that was a flaw in Hamish. He had watched many opportunities go by, for lack of seizing them and finding something more than his own small world. Hamish had no ambition.

The reason Hamish was selected was due to his compassion in communication. Osiris took note of the way he carried important messages on to those who lost loved ones over axis territory. Hamish took it upon himself to carry the last message to them. Hamish was able to give the messages with complete sympathy and poise that was comforting for the people receiving it.

Hamish was 23 when he died in 1944. His Lancaster bomber was flying a sortie on the Ruhr Valley industrial area to eliminate munitions factories that were supplying the German army. His Lancaster was caught in a search light and heavy flak soon followed. Heavily damaged, he transmitted his last radio message and the plane was seen going down in flames choking out heavy black smoke.

Hamish believed in utilitarianism and lived according to principles of conservation, though he never learned about the former, practicing the latter as a matter of course. He was most comfortable in nature. Given his political belief, he believed that the greater good might be realized if some were forced to make sacrifices. If the net gain was positive in excess of the sacrifice that had to be made, he was comfortable in seeing that sacrifice be made (whether by himself or others).

Hamish is destined to become a Scroll Bearer. Hamish lacked ambition, in his afterlife he will thrive on amassing achievement, status, power and above all, responsibilities. Osiris decided to embue him with the Nietzschean maxim: The will to life is the will to power, nothing else matters.

2nd Life Theme — We’ll Meet Again – Vera Lynn — as a scot during WWII Hamish was really into the music for the war effort and couldn’t get enough of Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again”. Linked is the Johnny Cash version — Johnny Cash – We’ll Meet Again
3rd Life Theme — At the River – Groove Armada — after his rebirth, Hamish became interested in laidback electronica and trip hop because he likes to relax and be at peace. At the River is a serene reflection of his intended state of mind. Groove Armada – At the River

Tekhmah: Hamish, this is a crossroad. You have a choice which will be the hardest that you’ve ever made.
Hamish: Where am I?
Tekhmah: That’s not important. You’re not at the end of your existence but you can see it from here. Your only hope is with me.
Hamish: What do you mean?
Tekhmah: Rebirth. Into an eternal form. We can rule, we will rule. You lack the desire to command but you will be a leader.
Hamish: How is this a hard choice?
Tekhmah: The enemy is worse beyond your limit range of experience. Your enemy is corruption itself. It is as simple yet vital as the end of all things.
Hamish: Another chance, I’ll do it. If the end is coming I’ll damn well rule over it.

Hamish McScree

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