Character Creation Questionnaire

Answer these in as much detail as you feel is necessary to get a handle on who your character was, and who they will become once they are reborn.


The Second Life: Your Mortal Character

Where did you live? Which country? What kind of neighbourhood did you live in?

Did you speak a language other than English?

What did you do to make a living? Did you enjoy your work?

What did you do in your spare time? Did you have any significant hobbies?

What kind of goals did you have for your life?

What was your major failing? How did your weakness affect your life? Remember that the ancient spirit will fill this hole and this trait will become your strongest asset as a mummy.

What might an all-powerful god see in you? What sort of spark do you have that they might find useful or worth saving? This does not need to be something spectacular, just some noteworthy part of your character or personality that may not have had a chance to blossom in life. It might be a skill or ability, or something more subtle. No one truly knows why Osiris selects his children.

How old were you when you died? How did you die? Was it ironic, considering how you lived your life?

How do you feel about religion?

What does your character have faith or belief in?

The Third Life: Your Amenti

Which type of mummy will you become? Why does this type of spirit best complement your mortal host?

Character Creation Questionnaire

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