Mysteries of the Nile

Game 9: Brother and Sister


Judge the Soul 111, Summon the Dead 112, bind the dead 114,Wooden Ward 88, Lesser Talisman (Stamina), and a damaged vessel.


*Learned, maybe the body parts aren’t the sole solution to this problem.

Game 9: Brother and Sister

Drake has a death wish. He doesn’t think before acting. He likes to be the one to take the hit and one day him jumping before he thinks will kill him. Hamish can still talk to his cat and it’s helpful.
FOr the non physical world
Simple Weather Magic
Read the Stars
Call the Stars
I can fight in the other realm
I will find a way to make a bow in the other realm.

Game 9: Brother and Sister

hamish’s realization of the importance of Gloria was reinforced, his practice of increasing personal power was confirmed by two different sources.

Hamish’s supernatural weapons/abilities

analyze material
forgetting the stone
persuasion artifact
balance lvl 4
potions availalbe if there is time to prepare them
Dead air force buddies as contacts in underworld
connections to library spirits
stunning intellect.

Game 9: Brother and Sister

and memory

Game 9: Brother and Sister

I also have a memory of 4

Game 9: Brother and Sister

Kyle learned he needs to just believable in himself.

Things we have available to us
Simple Inerton
Command lesser implement
major creature
sekhem vessel

Things we can talk to
-Memory 1
-sphenix (my legacy 4)
-That bird thing we talked to back in the day
-the people at the Library we are able to trade info of our peaces for abilities
-the crazy mage

Game 9: Brother and Sister
Phenanthroline Phenanthroline

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