Mysteries of the Nile

Game 5: Cat Girl Trouble


Today’s lesson was that staying together is important but time apart can also be useful.

Game 5: Cat Girl Trouble

Not to overlook my own supernatural powers.

Hamish – Hard to read, but trust he wants to save the world.
Kyle – Someone I can count on doing what’s needed.
Patricia – Over achiever that doesn’t relate well to those that can think anything beyond the linear moment.
Gloria – Worried she may be killed, but does seem to want to help.

Game 5: Cat Girl Trouble

Hamish is beginning to see Gloria as a liability as far as needing to take care of her.
Hamish feels that Drake lacks finesse in dealing with situations in a non-violent manner.
Hamish believes that Patricia misinterprets his actions and acts too quickly on those misinterpretations.
Hamish thinks that Kyle only gives him the benefit of the doubt, but the fact that Kyle does not intervene is enough to mitigate that.

Game 5: Cat Girl Trouble

Kyle felt like in this adventure that some of the others did not fully trust that he knew what he was doing. He learned that sometimes you need to take a stand (even if you need to forcefully make your point) and made sure that they know he is not a push over and that what he is doing is for the good of the group and the world.

How kyle feels about the others

Drake: He likes drake and seems to be (for the most part) on the same page. The feeling he gets from him and shares himself is “The world is going to end if we don’t focus and do something.” Even if that something is not always the best for the people right now it has to be done to save everyone else.

Hamish McScree: He respects him as a war vet. Kyle has played a tun of war games and cant even guess as to what Hamish has to do in WW2. He likes him and works very well with him but feels Hamish has a lot of personal agendas that he keeps to himself and that might not be the best and most direct path for saving the world.

Patricia Rosario: He does not fully understand her. Kyle tends to be the act first and ask questions later. He does not understand her resistance to trying new things and getting help/information/new powers at any means necessary. Kyle feels like she is slowing them down from getting to their final goal by asking so many questions. He feels like she does not respect his judgement/leadership as she seems to always be questioning him. He now feels he needs to make sure she knows he is not to be taken lightly.

Gloria: She is the “Side Kick” to his super hero. The oracle to his batman. If he needs information she is the one to go to. He feels the need to take care of her and keep her safe but is unsure as how to do this because he feels she cant really take care of herself. He is worried that he will be to blame for her death so he tends to play it extra safe when it comes to her. He would of liked her and tried to put the moves on her in his past life but now feels that growing close to someone would only slow down the saving of the world. So he tries to just use her for information.

Game 5: Cat Girl Trouble

Gloria is a pain in the butt. She’s human and will get us all killed.
Hamish is a very useful intividual. He works well in the millitary mindset and gets things done.
Drake is odd. He runs in before fully considering a situation, however he will protect his friends, even at the cost of his own life.
Kyle runs in guns blazing. Can I shoot is? Yes? Good. He will be useful as a cannon at a later date.

Game 5: Cat Girl Trouble

I have learned that Hamish doesn’t sleep well. This could be a liability at a later point. In the event that I have to wait to phase to the other realm, I should sleep when I can.

Game 5: Cat Girl Trouble
Phenanthroline Phenanthroline

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