Mysteries of the Nile

Game 2: The Sphinx


Meditation and patience can sometimes be the answer.

Game 2: The Sphinx

Know your enemy

Game 2: The Sphinx

This time around Kyle had his first run in with Vampires that had snake like abilities. He learned that guns/basic bullets do not in fact kill them right away. He has since fixed this issue with incendiary rounds and a flame thrower.

Song/Video for first: life:
Song/Video for second life:
(Joke one) for second Life:

Game 2: The Sphinx

What Patricia has learned

Vampires exist and are an abomination to be eradicated. They are actually like the vampires you hear about except holy water doesn’t work. Arrows with wooden shafts are good for paralyzing them. They like mummy blood. They are very vulnerable to fire. Massive damage will also work but it is hard. Bullets are not very effective.

Game 2: The Sphinx
Phenanthroline Phenanthroline

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