Mysteries of the Nile

Game 11: Mage Abduction + Feline Exile


Kyle has thought about the fact that the items they hold should be used more and that they might be able to recharged. He also is going to point out to the group that if we cant take the bane mummys then maybe we need to take out their network to slow them down.


The group is becoming more powerful but so are the bane mummies. Everybody will play their part.


Drake and I are capable of working together. Who knew?
I plan to Call the Stars down on the corruption from the helicopter. The children shall be avenged.
According to Toth the poison should work against the bane mummies.
Necromancy can sever the threads of the band mummy’s power.
Vampires in egypt feed on corruption not blood.
Whittling helps. I plan on staking the head vampire, 6 times, 1 for each child.


The pieces are only part of the solution. And we must think of a way to retrieve the pieces without being able to slain the bane mummies.

Phenanthroline Phenanthroline

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