Mysteries of the Nile

Game 10: The Catfish and Enthralled Vampire Rampage


I will have to kill Gloria.


I Will not let drake kill gloria


If Gloria costs 1 more person their lives unjustly, she’s dead. They should listen to me more often. I am going to drive this ankh thru that vampire’s heart if it’s the last thing I do.


Hamish has realized the need for increased vigilance with regard to staying on the path of balance. It is also very helpful.


I will avenge the children’s deaths by removing the evil that caused it. (not gloria)


The World Court. This decision would have to be made through them. I’m guessing that the big bad would have to be able to control the bane mummies. I’m going to go with some sort of diety. Hades, he’s always trying to end the world.


US hacked by the technocracy. Technocracy head being manipulated by a Nefandi, who’s sleeping master is sharing it’s dreams with set, who is in league with Apophis.


I feel the bane mummy’s (lead by Apophsis) are the main cause for the nukes (wanting the end of days and such) and that they are using the vampires (they may or may not know that they are being used) to control the general populous (also people of power. Example: the President and people of value in key locations with access to nukes) and force the mummy’s agenda onto the unsuspecting world.


I think it’s NATO as infiltrated by a western european vampire cult that operates in opposition to the Followers of Set. They don’t understand the grave danger in nuking that area.


I think the catfish got nerfed at some point along the way.

Phenanthroline Phenanthroline

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