Current Game XP: 52
+2 more for completed conversation between you and your ancient spirit
Unless otherwise noted, this is your character’s total amount of gained XP for the chronicle.

Game System – Mummy: The Resurrection

For detailed information regarding the game system and character creation, please email me at

Brief System Synopsis

Forget the stereotype of the rotting, bandage-wrapped corpse. Become the perfect immortal hybrid of ancient Egyptian spirit and modern day soul. Explore the exotic land of the Nile and unearth its deepest secrets as a warrior of Balance.

Character Creation Details

Please don’t be concerned if you don’t know anything about WoD, Egypt, or the Undying (mummies). Each player will start by building a mortal personality – whom we will promptly kill off. Before we start this game, please write a brief summary of your mortal character in the ‘Characters’ section of this page. There are very few rules for your character: they can be from anywhere in the world, of any socioeconomic origin, etc… the only rule is that they must have a major social or emotional flaw (anything not physical, and this is not for extra character creation points). There should also be something about your character that would be uniquely appealing to a benevolent god – something that might not have reached its fullest potential in life.

You character will then face an untimely death, and be faced with a chance at redemption through the Spell of Life. We will do a small scene before beginning the game (even before completing your character), so that you can experience your mortal character’s resurrection and fusion with an ancient Egyptian spirit. I will help you with the complementary soul. This being will help to fill in that critical piece you were missing in life, and it may well become your strongest asset on your second time around the mortal coil.

Mood and Setting

Upon successful resurrection, your character will be transported to modern Egypt. I will give you the required information in-game to get your character on track once they make it back to life, but the general theme is one of purpose. You will become a servant of the Egyptian gods and a warrior of Balance, seeking to destroy the agents of ruin and chaos, armed with divine gifts and powers. The Undying stand for life and hope, in this world and the next.

While much of the game will take place in Africa and the Middle East, your characters may be asked to travel all over the world. Mummies also have access to the Land of the Dead; the underworld of ghosts and spirits, which you may become very familiar with in time.

Mysteries of the Nile

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